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Supported living services

Kimarchie Health and Social Care believes that everyone has the freedom to live as they like. Thanks to our specialised support, people may live happy, full lives in their own homes, under their own tenancies.

Individuals in the following age groups benefit from our supported living services:

18-65 Years Age 65 or Older

We support people throughout the United Kingdom to live securely and independently in their communities. This covers those with autism, learning difficulties, mental health problems, physical disabilities, and dementia.

We use a person-centered approach, which means that our support and care are based on each person’s needs, preferences, and goals.

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Our dedicated support workers

Whether you reside in our housing or in your own home, we work with you to ensure you receive the finest care and support available. Our staff teams have considerable expertise dealing with individuals with complex needs and include positive behaviour support (PBS) experts.

The Reach Standards are included in our supported living services. In order to enable individuals to make their own decisions about how to live their lives, we want to offer them the necessary resources. Our staff takes the time to get to know each individual and understand their requirements, interests, and objectives.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and we also have internal quality teams that make sure we have a solid and flexible plan that lets us help people as much as possible.

Clients are at the centre of all we do. Working in conjunction with them, we determine how to support each individual in becoming as self-sufficient as possible in their own home and community. We also take into account the viewpoints of their families and any experts who may be assisting them.

Each person is supported by a trained support worker who knows how to meet their individual needs. We make every effort to match our team members with each individual so as to cultivate trusted and good connections. When clients receive individualised support from someone with whom they feel safe and comfortable, they acquire confidence rapidly.

Our Support Plans Include:

  • Integration within the community
  • Cleaning, cooking, and shopping
  • Personal care
  • Supporting benefit claims and management
  • Access to recreational and social activities
  • keeping in contact with family and friends while simultaneously creating new ties.
  • Promoting a healthy way of living
  • Taking medications¬†
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Assistance in locating daytime activities and employment or volunteer work
  • Smoother transition to more independent living.

We recognise that the change to supported living might feel daunting; thus, we methodically organise each transfer so that it is totally suited to the individual’s requirements. We are devoted to making the transition to our services as simple and enjoyable as possible for every new resident.

For some, this entails a gradual shift over a period of many months to lessen worry and ensure that they are looking forwards to the next voyage. Throughout the process, our courteous and devoted staff gives support, guidance, and encouragement.