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Complex Care

Do you have a health issue that restricts your ability to care for yourself and so requires special attention? Are you continuously concerned about leaving your loved ones with someone who does not completely appreciate their way of life? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, complicated care may be just what you require.

A person with a chronic or long-term health problem requires complex care, which includes specialised assistance. This indicates that in order to maintain a high quality of life, patients require additional support with symptom management and daily tasks.

Due to the intricacy of the individual’s demands, complex care requires competent caregivers who have received specialised training to address the client’s particular health condition. We thoroughly screen in order to match you with the most qualified private carer available.

Complex care involves caring for individuals with illnesses requiring clinical assistance, such as Parkinson’s disease and neurological disorders. It can also be offered in the form of nursing services as a result of a person’s primary ailment, such as a PEG feeding tube for a stroke patient. In addition to addressing the client’s health issues, the carers in this service also assist with meeting their fundamental needs, such as providing companionship.

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Gastrostomy care

At Kimarchie Health and Social Care, we are ecstatic to be able to provide peg-gastrostomy care in people’s homes, allowing them to live healthy, happy, and independent lives.

Our services are handled by a team of registered nurses who are enthusiastic about the people they assist with gastrostomy care and peg feeding. This, combined with our links with hospitals and other health institutions, enables us to provide the finest nutrition care available.

All feeding regimens may be either continuous or bolus, and the technique may also be configured as a plan for reintroducing oral nutrition and hydration consumption.

In conjunction with our healthcare partners, we ensure that a well-defined plan of intervention is maintained and assessed in order to achieve nutritional wellbeing through individualised intervention planning for each client.

Catheter, Bowel, and Stoma Care

Our highly skilled and devoted nurse-led caregivers allow people with incontinence to live happy and independent lives. Whether you or a loved one require assistance with catheter, bowel, or stoma care, we can provide assistance in the comfort of your own home.

We have years of experience providing in-home care and have always adhered to exceptionally high standards for bladder and bowel care. Because our nursing care team is competent, our nurse-led carers are able to provide the appropriate amount of continence care while maintaining the dignity of the patient at all times.

By utilising Kimarchie Health and Social Care, you will receive support that is completely individualised to your requirements and desires.

 We can walk you through the options and assist you in selecting a private nurse-led caregiver with whom you are most comfortable, whether you need assistance with going to the toilet, changing pads, managing a catheter, or changing a colostomy bag.

Tracheostomy care

It is the intent of Kimarchie Health and Social Care’s nursing-led tracheostomy care to enable individuals with tracheostomies to manage them at home. We are aware that adjusting to a tracheostomy tube can be challenging, and that it can be difficult to eat, speak, exercise, and keep the tube clean and unblocked.

With the proper help from our team of qualified professionals, leading an independent lifestyle with a tracheostomy is straightforward. Following an evaluation by a clinical nurse manager, you will be paired with a care team that has the required expertise and personality to assist with your daily activities. Due to the intensity of these needs over the course of 24 hours, you may need more than one carer to meet your needs safely in your own home.

Living an independent lifestyle with a tracheostomy is simple with the aid of our team of qualified professionals. After a clinical nurse manager evaluates you, you’ll be paired with a care team that has the skills and personality to help you with your daily tasks.