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Domiciliary Care

Our domiciliary service helps the elderly and people with complex conditions stay in their own homes for as long as they want. We provide companionship and general help with physical, social, household, and personal care.

Consider hourly home care (also called “in-home care”) if you’re looking for a comprehensive, cost-effective alternative to putting a loved one in an assisted living facility.

When people leave the familiarity and comfort of their home, their mental and physical health often gets worse, they lose more independence, and their quality of life goes down.

Domiciliary care, on the other hand, allows your loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home while receiving social, emotional, and physical assistance from a professional caregiver. Also, if you use our home care service, the amount of care you get can be slowly increased or decreased to meet your changing needs.

Our in-home care service is dependable, flexible, and highly individualised, placing your needs first. We treat you or your loved one as a member of the family and strive to become an integral part of their support system.

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How can domiciliary care benefit you?

We recognise that you and your partner have become increasingly intertwined over the years and that, despite the anticipated challenges that may arise, you both wish to spend the rest of your lives together. We can take care of you and ensure that you are able to continue living independently in your own home.

Even if we are fortunate enough to have a companion to assist us, it may become more difficult as we age to maintain a house and complete everyday activities. Adapting may be more difficult if one or both people have physical or mental health issues.

In these circumstances, our live-in caregivers for couples are adept at caring for individuals who wish to continue living with their spouse while receiving professional care. In addition, they have the necessary disposition to work with a couple and are eager to follow your instructions.

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