Kimarchie Health & Social Care

Mental Health Needs

Kimarchie Health and Social Care provides a variety of safe, therapeutic, and structured residential and community-based support services to individuals with mental health needs. By providing a care route that prioritises rehabilitation, we hope to empower individuals to take charge of their lives, experience lasting independence, and believe in their potential.

Some individuals with mental health needs receive support in their own homes, while others require specialised assisted housing to heal and develop. Our services are centred on recovery, social inclusion, empowerment, and personal growth, with an emphasis on tailoring specialised support to the individual’s particular needs.

We recognise that everyone is impacted by mental health needs in very different ways; thus, in order to address this challenge, we have developed a number of services, including:

  • Innovative support efforts in a nurturing environment
  • Independent life in a secure environment
  • Possibilities for transitioning to assisted living and community participation
  • Healthcare is provided by private hospitals.
  • Assistance with obtaining an education and work prospects that provide a salary
  • The progression along a care route enables each individual to realise his or her greatest potential.
  • Support from a multidisciplinary group

How We Offer Support

If you have mental health needs, receiving the appropriate support can aid in your recovery and alleviate your symptoms. For others, having the proper support means learning coping skills that may dramatically enhance their everyday lives.

We can contribute to the accomplishment of these worthy outcomes through our care, support, and availability of therapeutic services.

Each individual is supported by a highly skilled staff with expertise working with people with mental health disorders. When clients utilise our programme, we employ person-centered care plans to ensure they receive the appropriate level of support. People are encouraged to engage in their plans and to articulate their objectives and desires, as well as the actions required to attain them.